Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anza Borrego

I'm still enjoying my Anza Borrego photos. We had some wonderful days out there. I was delighted to find peace and quiet almost everywhere, despite the fact that the park is experiencing a surge of visitors for this wildflower bonanza.

Since returning I exchanged an e-mail with a State Park Ranger who used to work at Coe State Park where I volunteer. She's now working down in the mountains west of Anza Borrego at Cuyamaca State Park but for a while she was a ranger at Ocotillo Wells and actually lives in Borrego Springs. She said that she's never seen it more lovely and that the traffic in town is quite a novelty for their sleepy little town.

Anyway, far away from all of that madness here are two favorite "coffee" spots where we took our morning coffee to a delightfully quiet perch to enjoy these new mornings.

To view a small slideshow of photos from my trip go here.

Blair Valley morning light

Coyote Canyon overlooking the creek at the Lower Willows


Anonymous said...

Excellent composition on the Coyote Canyon shot at the Lower Willows.