Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dowdy Ranch Henry W. Coe State Park

As a State Park Volunteer I have to say it is a challenging time. We must constantly, it seems, be launching into high gear to advocate in favor of our California State Parks which seem to be a favorite political football of the Governor.

Meanwhile in the parks, life goes on. I did a weekend of Visitor Center Duty at the Day Use Area of Henry W. Coe State Park at the Dowdy Ranch. Worth fighting to keep this park open? You bet. Henry W. Coe State Park's 89,000 acres offers a chance to explore for an hour, a day, a week or several weeks in a wilderness setting.

Here's the beautiful evening and morning.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On the Cusp of Summer

Here in the Santa Clara Valley we are on the cusp of summer. Spring flowers are fading fast and the late bloomers are out in big numbers. Summer really has arrived for me when the Buckeye bloom.

I was out for a ramble the other day on the Uvas Reservoir to check in on this old friend, my favorite buckeye tree. And beauteous it is right now, fragrant and a hub of activity for bees. I took a moment to climb in under the branches to get out the sun and found a whole new way to look at this beauty.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I may as well have been on a deserted island. Outwalking at the beach last week, on a Thursday morning. Just the birds and me and the surf. Taking the cure. The beach always makes me happy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jason Stephens Winery

I've had my eye on a local winery which has been developing their vineyard and are now open to the public for winetasting. I've yet to taste the wine, but the vineyard itself is magical this time of the year. The grounds manager and I chatted today when I wheeled into the vineyard on a whim on the way back from a hike. The winery wasn't yet open for tasting for the day, but he and I chatted about the beauty of the vineyard and the quality of the grapes and wines.

Charmingly beautiful with rows and rows of annuals....bachelor buttons and poppies...between the vines.

As for the wine....I bought a bottle and I'll report back when it is gone.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring 2009

Where have I been, you ask... I've been out walking. Spring 2009 has been beautiful. I put more in more than 40 miles some weeks out there just enjoying the show.

And while I love to photograph the Spring, I didn't always take my camera this year. I'm working on strength and fitness and many times didn't take my camera along. When I did, I took my time and photographed wildflowers and sunsets, lingering until the very last light.

Here's a little taste of my spring.

Congratulations Richard & Lourdes

What a wonderful wedding !! It's always special when my wedding couple are folks that we know. Dick and Lourdes are Coe Park volunteers and so we've worked side-by-side with them at the park for four years.

I was thrilled to be asked to photograph their wedding on May 2nd at the Willow Heights Mansion in Morgan Hill, an elegant Italian villa with beautiful views of the Santa Clara Valley.

This couple love to dance and so it was fun to watch their family and friends waltz the afternoon away during the reception.

Here's a photo collage of some of the waltz photos I captured during their big day.

Congratulations Dick and Lourdes. I suspect you will sweep into your married life as effortlessly and beautifully as you did across the dance floor on your wedding day !!