Monday, June 2, 2008


Another beautiful weekend in Henry Coe State Park. The weather was cool and breezy this time. A big contrast to the weekend we spent at the Dowdy a couple weeks ago.

This weekend we checked in on our plant recovery sites on the way to a day of visitor center duty at the Dowdy. We were delighted to find a bumper crop of Mariposa Lilies both on one of our plant sites but also all over the Blue Ridge, both in the fire affected area and on the eastern flank as well. What a treat.

On Sunday we did Visitor Center duty on a very lightly visited morning and afternoon shift. We broke up the day by stalking and photographing the quails and photographing the old ranch fences and grasses.

This is another season of dramatic change at Coe. Grasses are golden and the days are longer, more challenging for the hikers out there, but still full of beauty and grace.