Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Golden Hour

As a volunteer for the State Parks, I sometimes have the pleasure of leading photo walks. I just lead two walks at Henry W. Coe State Park this past weekend. It's so beautiful up there at that hour most days.

Next walk I lead will be at the Backcountry Weekend but late afternoon rather than the golden hour. I plan to offer another golden hour walk in July. Stay tuned.

So, in preparation for Golden Hour I like to spend a couple of sunsets up at the park to see what I can photograph during that special beautiful time of the day. I like to challenge myself to take something new and special within a few steps of the Visitor Center just to prove to both myself and visitors that you can make really nice images without going very far.

Here are some grasses literally ten steps north of the Visitor Center, catching that special color of the golden hour.