Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ships out on the ocean

Since I do most of my work outside of the studio, I sometimes get asked if I will do that kind of work. Yes, I would love to bring my studio background, lights, stands and all that jazz to your home if we can find a fun way to work with your children. I really like to capture children as they are. They shouldn't be asked to sit passively for a portrait session. It isn't very likely that your young child is happy to sit passively for a photo shoot. If I can somehow find a way to make it fun for them, I'll be happy to work with your family on a studio backdrop. It needn't be boring or static.

I have to say that I just adore these clients. I've been working with them now for some time. Mom, Dad and kids alike are easy and fun. I had the pleasure of photographing Max and his sister Madeline just the other day.

I call this portion of the session "Ships out on the ocean." Because we dreamed up some play with Max and even dropped bubble stars out of the sky for him. After that the kids changed clothes and we went outdoors to finish the shoot in the wildflowers.