Friday, February 8, 2008

Monkey Business

OK, ready for a little fun.

I have a great network of photographer friends across the country. We've decided we're up for a little monkey business. We are going to be photographing my friend Maurice all over the country. In fact, he may be headed to Sweden before heading back here. These friends have promised to take care of him. He's a valentine monkey Bruce (my dear husband) gave to me many years ago. He's one of a pair. He has a lady monkey friend, Lucille. Lucille gets to stay behind.

First stop is Columbus, Ohio where he will attend a long-anticipated GTG of some of the best photographers in the country. I think he's headed to Rhode Island after that.

Have fun Maurice!!

Here he is with Lucille after a little sponge bath and tumble in the dryer. Lucille may be a bit sad, but she's never blue...she's always pink. LOL