Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spring Fever

We're finally getting a pretty nice stretch of spring-like weather. I turned the car south to the little town of San Juan Bautista this afternoon. I like walking the streets of this great little town. The merchants in this town are simply amazing. Because it's a bit sleepy, they seem to enjoy talking to window shoppers.

One vintage gift shop, Happily Ever After, is a frequent stop. I love the whimsy. They were so kind to dig around in their Christmas inventory for a couple of ornaments to add to the few that I'd bought there before the holidays. Today my eye was caught by the tule and feather wreaths. So pretty and feminine.

After shopping and chatting a while, I walked down the street past the historic state park and spotted these two lovely ladies enjoying a cup of ice cream tucked in a sunny nook in the gateway to the park's historic garden. They inspired me to have my own cup of ice cream to celebrate the day.

Spring is in the air. Even the tree in my front yard has broken into blossom, weeks earlier that I can recall it's bloom timetable of the past.